New EA Originals Title 'Sea of Solitude' Shown Off During Conference

EA have announced their second game in the EA Originals program during their E3 press conference called Sea of Solitude.

sea of solitude

A few years ago, EA proved it could have a personable and smaller scale showcase during its E3 press conference when it announced Unravel. It was a new look for the publisher, who is synonymous with corporate, AAA games. While Unravel 2 was also announced today, it was perhaps the showcase of another smaller title that recaptured that magic.

Sea of Solitude was announced at EA's conference, the second game in its EA Originals program. The game, coming from German studio Jo-Mei Games was introduced by creative director Cornelia Geppert who showcased the title, a game about loneliness, fear, anger and a lot of big old monsters. It really does seem like a cool concept for a game. In an article posted by EA, Geppert said of the title:

Sea of Solitude is by far the most artistic and personal project I've ever created. At times it is very challenging to dig that deep into your own feelings like core fears, longing and anger, but at the same time it is the most fulfilling thing to express those very feelings by putting it to people through art.

You can catch the trailer here:

The title is set to release in early 2019, so mark your calendar. It's exciting to see EA put their force behind the title. It really does look like it could be special with it already catching a lot of eyes. Here's hoping it lives up to the expectation.