E3 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 toy story

Kingdom Hearts 3's Toy Story Map Includes an FPS Mode

The E3 demo for Kingdom Hearts III was pretty much the exact same demo as the one shown during its reveal event in late May. However, since we weren't able to check out the game during its reveal, this was our first chance to get hands-on with the long-awaited sequel. And while the new keyblade abilities are […]

Gearbox's Project 1v1 is the Anti-Battle Royale

While the game doesn't have a name yet, Gearbox Publishing's Project 1v1 is pretty much exactly what its working title would suggest. In a world flooded with Battle Royale games and game modes, Project 1v1 is the kind of multiplayer game that seems more fresh than it probably deserves to be. It was described to me as the […]

Capcom's Remastered Resident Evil 2 Wins E3 Best Of Show

Here's the complete list of awards from E3 2018.[caption id="attachment_868806" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Capcom[/caption] Best of Show Resident Evil 2 (Capcom for PC, PS4, Xbox One)Best Original Game Dreams (Media Molecule/SIE for PlayStation 4)Best Console Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac Games/SIE for PlayStation 4)Best VR/AR Game Tetris Effect (Resonair/Enhance Inc for PSVR)Best PC Game Anthem (BioWare/EA for PC, PS4, Xbox One)Best Hardware/Peripheral Xbox Adaptive Controller (Microsoft)Best Action Game Anthem (BioWare/EA for PC, PS4,[...]


Twitch Boasts About Their Streaming Numbers from E3 2018

It pretty much goes without saying that if you weren't at E3 in person, there's a pretty good chance you were watching it live on someone's feed. This year's event was one of the most watched on the social streaming service, both for the company itself and several of its partnered streamers — who basically […]

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Logo

Ubisoft Confirms The Division 2 Will Have Microtransactions

I don't think anyone is happy to see the word microtransactions when it comes to their favorite game, so fans of The Division 2 are about to get depressed. The crew over at Gaming Bolt got a quick interview with Ubisoft at E3, speaking to the game's Associate Creative Director, Chadi El-Zibaoui. When pressed for the […]

Scuf Gaming Brings Their New PS4 Vantage Controller to E3

One of the last stops I made on the last day of E3 was over at the Scuf Gaming booth, and it was well worth the visit to see their new controller. This thing is basically an upgrade from top to bottom as they've taken their previous PS4 designs and streamlined them to make them […]

The Gorgeous Beauty of Rend As Seen at This Year's E3

On the final day of E3, we got to pay a visit to Frostkeep Studios to check out their latest game on the way called Rend. This is a team-based "faction" survival game that plays a bit like Conan: Exiles as a more recent example, but on a much larger scale as you are basically […]

Konami Unveil Their Latest Sports Title For the Switch: Hyper Sports R

Konami had a secret project for the press at E3 this year that we didn't know about until we walked in the room and saw Hyper Sports R. This isn't your standard track and field type game as the events use the switch joy-cons to make things happen. So, for example, in the running event […]

Arcade1Up E3 2018-1

Arcade1Up Makes Us Want to Open an Arcade in Our Home

When we visited with the crew of Arcade1Up at E3 this year, a feeling of nostalgia hit us like a ton of bricks that we weren't ready for. These guys create old-school arcade cabinets, but not in the traditional sense. These are shrunken down cabinets that are sold for a cheaper price and can fit […]

Good Vibrations and More as We Test Out Woojer's Ryg Harness

There's a lot to be said for things that enhance your experience in gaming (some good and some bad), but Woojer is looking to immerse you as best they can. While we were at E3 we got to try on their brand-new Ryg harness system, which as you can see from the photos below is […]

Looking Over ROCCAT's Latest Keyboard at E3

While going through the tech halls and appointment rooms at E3, we managed to score some time to check out what ROCCAT was up to. They didn't have a lot to show us this year except for their latest gaming keyboard in the Vulcan. This is actually a lovely little piece of tech to check […]

Checking Out Fractured Lands by Unbroken Studios in the Indie Cade

The last game we were able to check out in the Indie Cade area of E3 this year was a title from Unbroken Studios called Fractured Lands. A lot of people joked going into E3 that all we would be seeing from every company on the floor was battle royale modes being introduced. I can happily […]

Dealing With Aliens in Everyday Life With Desert Child at E3

One of the cool Indie Cade titles at E3 that caught our eye roaming through the area was this arcade setup for Desert Child by Akupara Games. This game is straight-up inspired by anime shows like Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Redline, where you basically deliver pizzas and race your bike in a world with aliens and bounty […]

A New Retro Gaming Solution Shown Off at E3 with Polymega

If you're looking for a new retro system for your life, you might wanna look at the console Polymega brought to E3 this year. The console you see below is actually pretty cool as it is a sectional library storage system. First off, the unit itself comes with interchangeable parts, which you can see below, […]

Bigben Interactive Bring Warhammer: Chaosbane to the E3 Floor

Our second venture into the world of Warhammer at E3 came from Bigben Interactive who presented Warhammer: Chaosbane in the West Hall. If you have a love for games like Diablo, then this will basically be your jam with the Warhammer theme serving as your peanut butter. We didn't get to see a lot of […]

The Sinking City Takes Lovecraftian Pleasure to a New Level

When it comes to anything that pays homage to Lovecraft, it tends to be hit or miss. Which is a bit of the case when we saw The Sinking City at E3. Bigben Interactive brought the detective noir game to the convention last week, and what we got was a mixed bag of awesome and […]

Razer Shows a Few New Awesome Items Coming in 2018 at E3

It's always cool to pop in and see what Razer has in store for the months ahead, so when the opportunity came up at E3, we jumped on it. The three main items we can chat about this time around are their latest laptop, pad, and mouse. Starting with the laptop, we got to check […]

Echo Combat ket art

Echo Combat Brings VR Shooter Combat to Zero Gravity

Ready At Dawn's Echo Combat is a team-based competitive zero-g first-person shooter that functions as an expansion to the Echo VR franchise. You might know Ready At Dawn as the creators of Echo Arena and Lone Echo, but this time around, they've changed the game with some fun strategic PvP. You get to play as […]

G512 Backlit Logitech E3

Getting a Look at Logitech's Latest Gaming Keyboard at E3 2018

During our frequent runs between the South Hall and West Hall of E3, we got to have a little time with Logitech to see what they were up to. This time around we got a look at a brand-new mechanical gaming keyboard in the form of the G512. This is actually what you would call […]