Newcore Games Announces The Devil Within: Satgat

Indie developer Newcore Games has announced their latest game this morning with the reveal of The Devil Within: Satgat. You may recognize the company for their previous game, I Am Zombie, which is why this new game is a little more surprising as they have changed genres to make a 2.5D stylish action-adventure title. You'll take on the role of a brave warrior who has been infected by demon blood and, on occasion, allows the demo within him to come out. The game currently doesn't have a release date, which makes sense because it also currently doesn't have a publisher. So for now, enjoy the announcement trailer!

The Devil Within: Satgat
Credit: Newcore Games

The Devil Within: Satgat invites players to venture deep into the vast interconnected maps. From decaying urban sewers to frigid mountains and dense forests, every area is an opportunity to uncover secrets, get upgrades, and defeat bosses. Learn amazing skills and use special weapons obtained from evil spirits. As players progress throughout the levels, a more ominous story emerges. As Kim continues killing evil spirits, he realizes an uncomfortable truth: the best way of vanquishing these spirits is to harness their energy for himself. With each kill, he absorbs more and more power, gaining new abilities. Journey further into the dark corners of the world to discover how to control an increasingly evil body.

  • Journey through an interconnected world as a fierce warrior on a mission to save a decaying world.
  • Explore action-packed levels to find clues that uncover The Devil Within's dark story.
  • Experience beautiful 2.5D graphics throughout the many environments of the game, including ruined cities, mountains, forests, caves, and more.
  • Defeat grotesque enemies and formidable bosses with stylish combat.
  • Become the ultimate warrior with a variety of weapons and upgrades, including grenade launchers, and advanced jumps and movesets.

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