Nintendo is Aiming for an Insane Nindies Release Schedule

Ever since Nintendo debuted the Nindies project to promote more indie video game titles on the Switch, the results have been mighty impressive. But according to a recent shareholders conversation, the company is planning to put more games out on the market at an insane production level. You can read the entire transcript here, but the section we've snipped out below revolves around a question someone had about indie titles and what Nintendo is planning to do moving forward.

According to the chat that included outgoing president Tatsumi Kimishima, current president Shuntaro Furukawa, and licensing head Susumu Tanaka, it was revealed the company wants to release 20-30 games per week down the road. A high goal, but not impossible when you consider everything that's been on the market the past five years and all that is to come. But with that much being put on the Switch, one wonders if it will flood the marketplace like Steam currently has and a lot of games will end up buried under more popular titles.

Nintendo is Aiming for an Insane Nindies Release Schedule

Indie games have become a hot topic recently. As games made by small-scale developers around the world with relatively low development costs, how will Nintendo integrate these kinds of games into its future business strategy?

Kimishima: Offering enjoyable first-party games throughout the world will continue to be one of our strengths, but increasing the number of people who make games to be played on Nintendo platforms is also very important for growing our business. That is why we are working to create an environment that makes development easier, and simplifying the process of publishing games on Nintendo Switch. This has resulted in a large number of people playing an array of indie games on Nintendo Switch.

Takahashi: During development on Nintendo Switch, creating a development environment where it would be easy to create games was one of our top priorities. One of the good things to come from this is the large number of indie games, especially in Europe and North America. We do not think of indie games as competition for the large-scale games we develop ourselves. Rather, I think these indie games are what really invigorate Nintendo Switch overall.

Tanaka: We started working with indie developers during the Wii U generation. For Nintendo Switch, we set up a development environment that supports Unity middleware, which is used on smartphones and other platforms. We are also actively engaging with indie developers at video game-focused shows and other events in different regions. We also had a Nintendo booth at the BitSummit indie game event held in Kyoto, where we showcased some games. Some of the indie games already released have gone on to become million sellers worldwide. In the future, we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week, and we definitely expect to see some great games among them.

Kimishima: We are currently working towards reaching 1,500 software titles developed for Nintendo platforms using Unity. I think that will give you an idea of how much it has grown.

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