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Nintendo Shows Off Their Nindies Spring 2019 Showcase
We have a full list of games featured below the video with descriptions from Nintendo themselves. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Nindies Showcase Spring 2019 ( Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda: In the latest rhythmic action-adventure from Brace Yourself Games, you can enjoy the gameplay of Crypt of[...]
Nintendo Announces a New Nindies Showcase Video for March 20th
This morning, Nintendo dropped a small surprise on our doorsteps as GDC 2019 kicks off, announcing a new Nindies Showcase livestream With little warning or info, much like they do with the Nintendo Direct streams, they have announced that it will take place this Wednesday, March 20th at 9 am PT The plan is that[...]
Channeling Your Inner Troll with the Untitled Goose Game at PAX West
The day before PAX, we were invited to Nintendo's HQ in Washington to try out several Nindies titles, including the Untitled Goose Game In all honesty, the game should just be called "Being a Dick", because that's basically what you are in a sense. You play as a goose who does a lot of horrible things[...]
Don't Lose Your Head Over King of the Hat at PAX West
We got an opportunity to sit in on a special Nintendo Nindies presentation during PAX West, which is where we found King of the Hat. This game is a small four-player brawler from Hyroglyphik Games where you choose one of a dozen different characters in a world where everyone wears hats no matter what they do with[...]
Nintendo Reveals Their 2018 Nindies Showcase in Livestream
This morning, Nintendo streamed a brands new Nindies video showing off some of the new indie games coming to the Switch Along with all this news, the company revealed that they'll be launching a Nintendo Switch Indie Channel, along with over 30 games that will be coming to the console over the next calendar year[...]
Nintendo Announces PAX West 2018 Lineup and Nindies Showcase Video
The first was their lineup and the second was a new Nindies video! First off, the company will be showing a new Nindies Showcase video live on multiple streaming feeds on August 28th at 9 a.m PDT Much like last year, we're expecting to see several indie titles be announced as coming to the Switch, both[...]
Kero Blaster Receives a New trailer and a Release Date for Nintendo Switch
Studio Pixel released a brand new trailer this week for Kero Blaster as it joins the Nindies library for the Nintendo Switch Publisher Playism will be releasing the game on August 23rd for a mere $10 in the eShop You can check out the trailer and the game description below. credit//Studio Pixel You play a bipedal frog employed[...]
Nintendo is Aiming for an Insane Nindies Release Schedule
Ever since Nintendo debuted the Nindies project to promote more indie video game titles on the Switch, the results have been mighty impressive But according to a recent shareholders conversation, the company is planning to put more games out on the market at an insane production level You can read the entire transcript here, but[...]
West Of Loathing Confirmed for Nintendo Switch Release
Today during GDC, indie publisher Asymmetric confirmed the news that their hilarious stick figure RPG West Of Loathing would be coming to the Nintendo Switch as the latest addition to the Nindies section, set for a Spring release The PC title is currently up for the Independent Game Festival's grand prize, and as part of[...]
Nintendo Teases a New Nindies Showcase Livestream
If you've been enjoying all the indie games that have been coming to the Switch over the past year, it looks as if you're going to be getting a lot more — Nintendo is planning to show off more games on a special Nindies Showcase Today, the company very briefly announced plans that they'll have a[...]
Former Nintendo Head Openly Discusses Odd Indie Title Policies
The entire thread is a Q&A session presented in him answering a question a post, and the entire thing is quite a lengthy read, but it serves as a fascinating look at Nintendo's policies and decision making at a time when they were launching the Nindies effort prior to PAX West last year[...]
Sketching Symbols On A Nintendo Switch With 'Mulaka' At PAX West
One of the any PAX West titles I got to check out during Nintendo's "Nindies" showcase was Mulaka, which I first saw at the Pop Culture Museum party they threw and then again on the Indiebooth floor This game comes to us from Mexico-based developer Lienzo, who have created this simplistic story and made it a[...]
Nintendo Highlights New Indie Titles With "Nintendo x Indies" Trailer
The company will be creating a new division that they're calling "Nindies", but the finer details of what that section will entail are unknown at this point Best guess on our end: a new section for the eShop with titles that will be sold cheaper than major titles, but that's just us spitballing Just before[...]
Nintendo Announces First Indie Games Coming To The Switch
Several of those games will be taking advantage of the Switch's multi game modes (TV mode, Handheld mode, and Tabletop mode.) Nintendo released a video to detail some of the games coming to the switch in a "Nindies Showcase." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase ( The games will be available on[...]