No More Robots Head Calls Out G2A Over Business Practices

Mike Rose, the head of No More Robots has called out G2A this week for their business practices and saying they don't care about game developers. We would need an entire day to go over all of the stories out there about the company and the way they've handled themselves over the years, but suffice it to say, they're one of of the mainstay game retail companies that it seems like everyone ends up disliking. (You can read some of our stories below this one of them charging to keep your account active or picking fights with companies like tinyBuild and Gearbox.) But now a company head is straight-up telling you to steal their game off of their site since they're making zero money on it now.


Rose has been posting some angry tweets the past few weeks, showing that G2A has purchased Google ads for the games No More Robots produces that appear over the listings of those same games. And because of the way the system is structured, if you purchase the game through an ad, the developers receive no revenue for the purchase. Rose even encouraged players to pirate their games since they're stuck in a situation where they're not making money off of them now anyway. G2A responded to the criticism, to which Rose went on a rant (the second Twitter post here) about how the company is essentially lying to their customers and the developers.

Considering how many issues game developers seem to have with the company, you're probably wondering why people continue to work with them. Simply put, there are gamers who refuse to use resources like Steam, Epic Games Store, or others for retail and prefer a company who is essentially independent of a lot of what is tied to corporately with others. We'll see if G2A responds to the latest round of criticism, but we're guessing the company will press on and ignore it after their latest post.

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