Overwatch Adding an "Avoid as Teammate" Option to Social Options

We got some good news for those of you who wish there was a way for you to not be paired with certain players on Overwatch, but it's not going to be as satisfying as some of you may wish, as the developers are adding an "Avoid as Teammate" option to the game. The reveal was made in the Developer Update video released yesterday in which Jeff Kaplan goes into detail, which you can watch below. The short version is that if you have a crappy experience with someone in a game who is on your team, you can select that person in the social area and mark them to be avoided. However, there is a catch. You can only mark down two people at a time, and you can only have them there for seven days.

The reason for this? Overwatch is a community game, but sometimes you just don't get along with people for various reasons that aren't really reportable. Or at least if you do report them, it wasn't a real offensive gesture (like hating on your character pick). This is designed so you can simply get away from that person for a week. The two-player limit is so that there isn't a congested backup in cue times for games as the system will make sure you're not paired with someone. If you receive a lot of people avoiding you, you will get a warning from the system letting you know you're being avoided. There's no punishment against you for this, but the system will run into issues pairing you up with people.

No date was given as to when this will be implemented, the original plan was to introduce it in Season 10, but apparently, it has been worked out so it can be added sooner. Most likely whenever the next patch is added to clear out bugs and add in buffs and nerfs.

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