Overwatch League's Boston Uprising Kicks Mouffin Following Allegations

The Overwatch League's Boston Uprising has officially released Walid "Mouffin" Bassal over the weekend after allegations of sexual misconduct. This story goes back to late March where Twitch streamer KhaleesiBB took to Twitter to post a TwitLonger message about Mouffin. In the post, she alleged that he had a history of soliciting women and sending sexual content to women who were underaged. As well as describing his behavior after he tried to start a romantic relationship with her and the fallout from the rejection. Shortly after this post started going viral in the Overwatch community, other women stepped up and made similar allegations about his past behavior. This promoted the team to take action, in which they announced he would not be competing that week and they would be launching their own investigation.

Overwatch League Mouffin Boston Uprising
Credit: Blizzard

One week later, and the team made a very blunt and quick statement on Twitter, announcing that they had terminated his contract. The team did not release any kind of press release, nor did the Overwatch League go into any details about the investigation. Apparently, more information will be released in the future, but when that will be was not made public. This isn't the first team has had to deal with sexual misconduct allegations, as back in 2018 the team parted ways with Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez in almost the same fashion (according to Dot Esports). Sanches has been inactive since and has rarely posted on social media following that series of events. As for Bassal, he hasn't even been on the team for half a year or really contributed much to the team's current win/loss record. He's been silent on social media since March 26th and has offered no comment to any media outlets discussing the allegations since they arose. If history repeats itself, we probably won't hear much from him until an official statement comes out from the Boston Uprising.

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