PaizoCon Online Has Opened Up Player Registration

Paizo has added new information to its website for PaizoCon Online 2020, as the player registration forms have now been opened. Ever since COVID-19 changed the way conventions were to be run in 2020, if run at all, many have been looking for ways to do online alternatives so people can still attend and have some fun without having to travel. PaizoCon was one of the first non-video game-related events where they decided to make an effort and hold online sessions with games like Pathfinder in order to make the convention go on. The event started signing up GMs to start out with so they had a series of games to be played, and now they're letting regular players register so they can start putting together people in the days to come. We have some of the details below, but if you want to register for the event, all you have to do is click this link and follow the instructions.

PazioCon Online 2020 will take place digitally in late May 2020.
PazioCon Online 2020 will take place digitally in late May 2020.

The annual game convention of all-things-Paizo, originally scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle, regrouped and expanded to six days of gaming at a safe social distance online May 26-31. The event includes seminars and live-plays on Twitch, games scheduled via Warhorn and run on a variety of VTT platforms such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, and D20Pro, an official PaizoCon Online Discord server as a general hangout for con-goers, plus blogs on, and more!

A PaizoCon Online 2020 homepage with schedules, game registration, and more details is scheduled to go live on May 1. Players can create a account and get an organized play number in preparation today. For more information, email If you are unable to access the warhorn, or require other accomodations to get signed up and ready to play, email or contact AlexSpeidelPaizo#1967 on Discord.

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