Pearl Abyss Has Added A Deathmatch Mode To Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss announced today that Shadow Arena has received a new free mode for the game as you can now battle in Deathmatch. The devs added a brand new update, which you can read the full notes here, adding in the mode for everyone to enjoy. In this mode, two teams of five will be pitted against each other with the characters you've chosen in a no holds barred contest to rack up 30 kills in 20 minutes. Anyone who is killed will be able to revive after 10 seconds, so the match is not over once you expire. While waiting to revive, you can change Heroes and switch things up. We have the details of how you play below, but best of luck to all of you teaming up for a win!

Best of luck now just straight up getting to killing each other, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
Best of luck now just straight up getting to killing each other, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Shadow Arena: Deathmatch 

  • Enter Shadow Arena Deathmatch mode after selecting a Hero and you will receive 13 Skill Points and blue-grade gear.
  • The game will start when at least 2 players enter the lobby. Maximum 10 players can enter the match after game starts. You cannot enter a match 10 minutes after the game starts or when one team gets more than 20 points.
  • Players will be put into either Red or Blue team depending on order of arrival.
  • When you die, you will respawn after 10 seconds. You may change your Hero during the respawn time. However, you must relearn your skills after changing Heroes.
  • For 5 seconds after respawning, you can move around as an untargetable Black Spirit and press LMB to cancel the Black Spirit form immediately.


  • An adorable NPC donned in Tree Spirit attire will emerge in the East, West, South, and North areas. You can recover 10,000 HP when you stand near it.
  • The NPC will deplete all its stamina and collapse after restoring your HP. It will regain its healing powers after 1 minute.


  • To win, a team needs to get 30 kills first or have the most kills after 20 minutes.


Shadow Arena Silver

  • Regardless of the results of the match, you will earn 5 silver per kill.
  • You will earn 30 additional silvers if your team wins the game.

Hero Mastery

  • Regardless of the results of the match, you will earn 5 Hero Mastery per kill.
  • You will earn 10 Hero Mastery if your team wins the game.
  • This reward will be applied to the Hero Mastery of the Hero that you selected last in Shadow Arena.

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