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Phobies Adds "Full Disclosure" Update Celebrating Roswell

Smoking Gun Interactive has released the new "Smoking Gun update for Phobies as the team pays tribute to Roswell and alien sitings. This year marks the 75th anniversary since the incident that made a small town in New Mexico famous, and as part of the celebration, the devs are unleashing a number of new alien horrors onto the game for you to deal with. We have the entire rundown dow what will be added below for you to check out as the update is live today.

Phobies Adds "Full Disclosure
Credit: Smoking Gun Interactive

The Roswell Incident is the world's most famous UFO claim, which helped bring people's fear of extraterrestrials from the fringe to the mainstream as the US Army claimed to just have recovered a weather balloon rather than a 'flying disc' as originally stated. But even the most ardent of UFO investigators, conspiracy theorists and Lippy knew this was a cover up all along. According to newly declassified files, a total of 13 alien Phobies will be coming from all over the universe to snatch the bodies of the enemy. Use Greylian to swap places with an opponent or Bluelien to create temporary healing pools for all your Phobies to bathe in.

Combine these powerful new Phobies with a set of 8 new abilities, and players will have an armada of new strategies and tactics to explore. Once players build and upgrade a collection of Phobies to suit their optimal strategy, they'll face off against opponents from around the world across a host of interactive hex-based combat arenas. Every arena is carefully crafted by the strategy expertise of developer Smoking Gun Interactive – founded by the creative talents behind the first title in the legendary Company of Heroes series.

  • 13 new Phobies to bring a host of new tactics to the battlefield.
  • 8 New abilities will add countless new ways to strategize against your opponents.
  • Use Greylian to swap places with an opponent or Bluelien to create temporary healing pools for all your Phobies to bath in.
  • A new haunting environment to explore with hints at just how long these Alien Phobies have been around for.
  • 5 new maps that add more unique strategies to uncover.
  • Discover 5 New Stress Worlds chock full of fresh rewards, and 5 new exclusive Phobies to unlock.
  • Introducing premium benefits through a subscription that are specially crafted to meet the needs of the hardcore players.
  • By popular demand, we added a second, even better starter pack.

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