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Phoenix Labs Reveals New Details Of What's To Come In Fae Farm

Phoenix Labs recently showed off some of the content they will have coming to Fae Farm, and what we got to check out looks promising! If you haven't had a chance to check that one out yet, the game is basically their version of a cozy farmer title, but they've incorporated magic as part of the mechanics to help grow not just your crops but the nearby town and the valley you're in as a whole. In the recent hands-off demo, we were shown with several other members of the media; the team went over some of the cool aspects of Fae Farm that both feel familiar to other farming sims but also help set it apart.

Phoenix Labs Reveals New Details Of What's To Come In Fae Farm
Credit: Phoenix Labs

Fae Farm takes place on the enchanted island of Azoria, where you and other players will be able to take on the tasks of living here in a co-op fashion, with any player being able to pop in and out whenever they'd like. Up to four players can take on a farm as a group, which means if you really want to, you can run the place 24/7 in shifts to make the farm as efficient as possible. But it's not all casting spells to get the turnips looking ripe, you'll also have a nearby town that has a number of activities you can engage in as well as people to meet. You have a fishing pond you can visit to spend some time catching various forms of aquatic life that happen by. And you can decorate the inside of your home however you see fit with an array of items you can snag for free and pay for at many shops. If you're really feeling adventurous, you can put that magic to good use and explore one of the nearby dungeons. But don't worry, they're about as cozy as the rest of the area you're in, so it's not like you're in serious danger. Just failure if you can't complete it.

The dungeons are designed to be beaten multiple times over to gain items and resources within that can either come in handy or help out your farm in the process. Your characters will have the ability to perform combo attacks and cast spells that will give them an edge against the enemies that lurk around every corner. While magic will definitely help you out, it was clear that a lot of them can be beaten just by mashing the buttons and getting enough hits off to put them down. There's parts of Fae Farm that will definitely take you down the Stardew Valley vibes, and others that will give you Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons vibes. But ultimately, Fae Farm feels like its own thing. We look forward to trying it out on our own, but that will have to wait until Spring 2023.

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