Planet Zoo Will Receive The Southeast Asia & 1.5 Update This Month

Frontier Developments have a new update on the way for Planet Zoo, as players will soon be getting some additional attractions. The Southeast Asia pack will be coming on March 30th and will include animals from the region, some of them so exclusive you barely see them at any zoo outside of those areas. But little challenge for a video game who can important whatever they want to your digital park. The pack will also launch with a free update for the game that brings in a number of improvements and additions. Some of those include zoo entrances, video billboards, fresh scenario rewards, customizable water colors and volume, and the ability to save franchise zoos as sandboxes. Plus they're throwing in a timed scenario called "Bernie's First Steps" in which players expand an early version of Goodwin House into a thriving country park. You can read more about the DLC pack below which will rn you $10 when it comes out.

Maybe there's a reason the Clouded leopard is mainly only kept in India... Courtesy of Frontier Developments.
Maybe there's a reason the Clouded leopard is mainly only kept in India… Courtesy of Frontier Developments.

Hailing from the breathtaking Southeast Asia region, the Clouded Leopard, Sun Bear, Proboscis Monkey, Binturong, Malayan Tapir, Ussuri Dhole, North Sulawesi Babirusa and Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect join the impressive list of existing habitat and exhibit animals. Offering the most new animals of any Planet Zoo pack to date, budding zookeepers can test their skills as they hand craft a stunning array of habitats to keep their newest arrivals healthy and happy. The Clouded Leopard is one of the spectacular new inclusions, a medium-sized arboreal cat residing in forests and grassland. Secretive and solitary, players will have the opportunity to help protect and raise this vulnerable species. Another fan favorite is the honey-loving Sun Bear. Naturally docile, it's not classed as a predator, and can happily coexist with other species. Sun bears love swimming and foraging before lazing away in their hammocks. While requiring relatively low land space, players will need to dedicate plenty of off-ground room for their climbing craze.

Then there's the imitable Proboscis Monkey. Planet Zoo's first swimming primate, it splashes through water with bespoke paddling animations not shared by any other animal. Proboscis monkeys are highly sociable, and players must keep them in groups to ensure optimal welfare. They also have a strong need for a variety of enrichment items, favoring moveable toys and foraging feeders. Guests will be enthralled as they try to spot a glimpse of the Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect, the only exhibit animal in this pack. This remarkable creature is a pro at evading predators, having evolved to resemble a leaf, even mimicking the appearance of bite marks. When this piece of sentient shrubbery moves, it rocks back and forth just like a real leaf being blown by the wind. In addition, there's also a brand new timed scenario based in Perak, Malaysia. Here players will take charge of a struggling zoo set in a tropical rainforest biome and attempt to reverse its fortunes by placing facilities, scenery, and flora with Planet Zoo's signature piece-by-piece construction and landscaping tools.

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