Pokemon Developer Game Freak Might Be Working On A Console Game


Game Freak, the developer behind the endless number of Pokémon games, put out an advertisement for a 3D designer to work on "characters, monsters and items" for "a title that everyone knows" which will specifically be on console. A second job ad specified for a designer with experience creating models up to "Wii U / PS Vita-level".

Which could mean that we're getting Pokémon for the Switch. Sure, none of those things are mentioned specifically, but what other known properties does Game Freak hold the rights to? Oh yeah, like none. Sure they worked on the original Yoshi and Gameboy Camera, but since developing the first Pokémon games, that's about all the developer is known for. And they do a fantastic job at it, so why mess with a well-loved formula.

This upcoming Pokémon console game could be an updated version of Pokémon Stadium or maybe something that utilizes the Switch's movement tracking a bit better. Most likely, it is the rumored console port of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon called Pokémon Stars. Which would be the first time a main Pokémon title made its way to a console system. And of all consoles to put it on, the Switch offers the best of both console and handheld gaming.

This story was broken by Siliconera and verified by several other translations since the ads have gone live. The contract positions would last until May 2018 at the longest and are supposedly the sort of things that could "make your career."

So, yeah, it's almost definitely Pokémon for the Switch.

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