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"Little Town Hero" Comes to PS4 with Special "Big Idea
Credit: NIS America Did you miss out on the Nintendo Switch version of Game Freak's Little Town Hero? Not to worry, because it's headed to PlayStation 4. NIS America will handle publishing duties as the game makes its way to North America this June on PS4, in addition to a new physical version for both the Switch[...]
"Pokemon Sword and Shield" National Dex
Recently, a myriad of outlets spoke to Game Freak and other members of the development team about the controversy surrounding the games' lakeshores of a National Dex. If you haven't been paying attention, not all Pokemon will be up for grabs in Sword and Shield The internet has taken exception to this fact, and not everyone[...]
Meet The Cast of Game Freak's "Little Town Hero" In New Trailer
Game Freak has debuted a new trailer for its upcoming role-playing game Little Town Hero, showcasing both its expansive cast of characters and score Its lively soundtrack is featured prominently throughout the new clip Composed by Undertale's Toby Fox and Pokémon core soundtrack designer Hitomi Sato, it's full of lively tunes. Credit: Game Freak Little Town Hero is[...]
"Pokemon" Studio Teamed Up With "Undertale's" Toby Fox for "Little Town Hero"
Wednesday's Nintendo Direct gave us a massive update on Game Freak's other game, Town, which has been renamed Little Town Hero. Alongside an October 16th release date, the newest trailer provided information on the game's staff Little Town Hero's music is being composed by the creator and composer behind Undertale, Toby Fox. It's directed by veteran Pokémon[...]
Game Freak Respond To Missing Pokémon in "Pokémon Sword" and "Pokémon Shield"
The outrage online has become so abrasive that it forced the developers at Game Freak to come forward and address the issue head-on The Pokémon Company posted this statement online in both English and Japanese for fans who were upset over the matter, talking about the game. credit//Nintendo Thank you to all of our fans for caring[...]
NIntendo Officially Unveils Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
Developed by Game Freak, this is also the first time a primary Pokémon story has been developed for one of the home consoles as opposed to the Game Boy/2DS/3DS family Based on what little we've seen from the video below, it appears the series will return to the gym and competition format, set in a new[...]
Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are Too Cute for This World
Game Freak has obviously learned quite a bit since the days of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow (or Green depending on your region). Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! also benefit from some later improvements brought in more recent generation games Sure, the graphics are of a much higher quality, but you also get to do[...]
Director Junichi Masuda has said that an open world Pokemon RPG is still very possible in the future if Game Freak decides the audience want it. Ever since the series first hit and became popular, I think a lot of people have fantasised about a 3D open world Pokemon game While the series certainly has a great[...]
Game Freak Introduces Players to Town During the Nintendo Direct
The folks over at Game Freak had a bit of a surprise today when Nintendo announced Town during the Nintendo Direct livestream As of right now, that's the working title for the game and it could change, but the name pretty much explains it all You're a young warrior in a small village that's doing[...]
Detective Pikachu Episode 0
The battle sprites were also redrawn to be a little less abstract than they were in Red and Blue and look more like the cartoon. The rumors go on to suggest that the title is no accident and developer Game Freak is trying to leverage the success of mobile game Pokémon Go by combining mainstay Pokémon[...]
Pokémon Crystal has Launched on the 3DS Virtual Console
Nintendo and Game Freak re-released Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver on virtual console last year, and now it's time for the third game in the second gen series to hit re-release Yes, Pokémon Crystal has released on Virtual Console today I'm almost more excited about Crystal's re-release than I was for Gold and Silver because Crystal was the first time I could create[...]
Game Freak Currently Hiring For 3DS RPG
Game Freak, or as you may better know them, the developer of Pokémon, are currently in search of a new team member to help develop a 3DS RPG game According to the Japanese version of eCareer, this listing says they're looking for a 3D-focused programmer to work on an RPG, with no further details added. Obviously one[...]
Pokemon Developer Game Freak Might Be Working On A Console Game
Game Freak, the developer behind the endless number of Pokémon games, put out an advertisement for a 3D designer to work on "characters, monsters and items" for "a title that everyone knows" which will specifically be on console A second job ad specified for a designer with experience creating models up to "Wii U / PS Vita-level". Which could[...]