Pokémon GO Autumn Event: Seasons Change – Part 1 Review

The Autumn Event, which came along with a Timed Research titled "Season Change: Part 1," wraps up in Pokémon GO today. Here's everything that worked in the event and everything that left players wanting more.

Pokémon GO Autumn event promotional image. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO Autumn event promotional image. Credit: Niantic

Pokémon GO Event Spawns & Shiny Release

The Shiny release of Kanto Vulpix was an incredible choice. It was among the most highly anticipated Shiny releases of the year so far due to the incredible Shiny Ninetails that Vulpix can evolve into. The other spawns, with the exception of the rare Pineco and the newly released Deerling, were exceptionally boring. That is forgivable due to this event being incredibly short. Though nothing was confirmed, Vulpix seemed to have a slightly boosted Shiny rate: also appreciated if true. Deerling spawned at a promising rate while Vulpix was present but a bit rarer. A longer event with more interesting spawns would have been ideal but the structure of this event made it a fun weekend of grinding Pokémon GO.

Eggs and Tasks

The tasks were fine, with Berry-themed tasks making for great deletion fodder and the actually desirable task of "Cath 5 Grass-type Pokémon" for a Vulpix encounter showing up frequently. Autumn-themed Pokémon were featured in the Eggs, which included the welcome return of Bonsly to the Pokémon GO Egg pool, but the hatches yielded Chikorita and Shroomish, common wild spawns, with far more frequency than Bonsly. Eggs are always playing Russian roulette with your PokéCoins, but this event felt especially as if Bonsly was being used as bait while it remained far too difficult to hatch.


On the other hand, the event did feature 1/4th Egg hatch distance which is a huge help for free-to-play players… and also major bait for paying players to buy more Incubators. Still, it was a welcome bonus that Niantic included as a surprise, which enriched this short Pokémon GO event.

Autumn Event Raids

Easily the most boring part of the event, the lack of diversity in the raid pool due to the overcrowded Mega pool and the removal of Tier Two and Four raids is starting to show. The only raid truly worth doing besides the unrelated Legendary raid boss, Giratina Origin Forme, was Timburr. If there's one thing that this event has shown needs work in Pokémon GO, its the raid pools of Tiers One and Three. Costumed Pokémon are a perfect addition for certain events, but without them, either the Pokémon in lower-tier raids are uninteresting common wild spawns, evolutions that can't be Shiny, or the same Egg/Raid-only Pokémon that have been raid-bait for over a year. It's time for some new Egg/Raid-exclusives and for some new Raid-only Shiny releases. Galarian Weezing comes to mind.

Timed Research

The easiest in recent Pokémon GO history, this gave players a chance to blaze through the tasks for encounters with the new release (Deerling) and the new Shiny release (Vulpix). The title, "Seasons Change: Part 1," alludes to more research coming, and I'm already looking forward to the next one, which I'd expect will coincide with the release of Deerling in its Winter form.

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