Project Winter Adds New Update To Celebrate Player Milestone

Other Ocean Interactive has added a new update to Project Winter this week as they mark a special occasion with their players. The game has officially reached 2.5 million players across all platforms, making it its highest player count to date, and to celebrate, you have some new options in the game as they have given you new craftable items that will help you out. As well as an overall update to the game's performance and a price drop across the board for new players looking to get in on the action. We have more info and a trailer to show them off below.

Project Winter Adds New Update To Celebrate Player Milestone
Credit: Other Ocean Interactive

Traitors can plan for even sneakier betrayals with four new items now available for crafting. The Disguise Kit allows the single changing of a Traitor's appearance to look exactly like another character, dead or alive. There is no way to alter in-game voices though, so be careful when speaking up.  Draw Survivors away from the rest of the group with the Sound Emitter. This sinister trap emits audio clips over a short amount of time and a very long distance before eventually self-destructing.

This free update also includes UI changes, removal of the ability to see characters who voted in the exile booth, increase in the max number of roles in matches, among other quality of life improvements. Take advantage of the bitter cold tundra through the creation of Ice Bombs. Similar to Smoke Bombs, these chilling explosives not only create a poof of smoke to obscure vision but also rapidly reduce survivors' warmth. Turn the white sleet beneath one person's feet into a silent cloud thanks to the single-use Snow Shoes. Eliminate any traces of footprints or the loud crunch of snow-steps with increased movement speed for a short time.

"If you told us that our social deception passion project would reach over 2.5 million total players, we never would have believed you," said Ryan Hale, Product Director of Other Ocean. "We are so grateful to everyone who gave Project Winter a chance. We have even more updates planned for this year to make a powder fresh experience for our dedicated community, including possible teases for our next Project. Stay warm and stay tuned!"

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