PUBG Mobile Reveals Details For Halloweeks Seasonal Event

PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games revealed the latest details for the Halloweeks event happening in PUBG Mobile this month. The team has released the new "Halloweeks Mode," which is a new themed gameplay mode on the Erangel map, filled with challenges and frights and just an overall spooky theme to make you not trust what's around the corner. There's also a new in-game rock and roll band called POWER4, who will arrive for their debut track and themed outfits for you to get into. You can start playing the content today as the company has more surprises on the way, which we have details for you here.

Don't come over here! This spot in the circle is haunted! Courtesy of Tencent Games.
Don't come over here! This spot in the circle is haunted! Courtesy of Tencent Games.

Just after the beloved PVP playmode popularly known as "Infection Mode" returns for Halloween, beginning this Friday, Octover 23rd through Monday, November 9th, players can experience ever greater Halloween atmosphere when they queue for Erangel. Players will have a chance to enter "Halloweeks Mode" when they play matches in Erangel. In this mode, Zombie Camps appear at four fixed locations around the battleground where contains wandering zombies and valuable crates. When all zombies in a camp are eradicated, the corresponding crates will open, providing teams with valuable resources. Similarly, four new Roaming Bosses have the chance of appearing at Zombie Camps, which haunt approaching players and increase their energy by punching players within melee range and throwing rocks at players who are far away. Defeating Roaming Bosses will also get essential battle supplies.

The Halloweeks content update also introduces PUBG Mobile's virtual rock band, POWER4. The ensemble's four members, made up of powerful elemental lords, debut their first track "Nothing's Getting In Our Way" in game. The song expresses the pursuit of self-improvement and portrays the spirit of having no fear of challenges and teamwork, as written in the lyrics "together we're a force that can't be tamed and nothing's getting in our way!" Players can also get the POWER4 outfits with mental rock cool style, which matches the action-packed battle style of PUBG Mobile. More Halloweeks exclusive themed outfits are available in game.

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