Rainbow Six Extraction Launches New Eclipse Crisis Event

Ubisoft has launched a brand new event this week into Rainbow Six Extraction as players will encounter the Eclipse Crisis. The event will run from now until September 1st, adding a new member to the team as well as content from the last two Crisis events to play with this latest chapter. Which, by the way, will send you into three new sub=zones in which you'll take on a new threat with partial darkness working against you. We have more info below as the event is now live.

Rainbow Six Extraction Launches new Eclipse Crisis Event
Credit: Ubisoft

As Operators dive deeper into the Truth or Consequences map, they will encounter the source of the darkness: the Neoplasm, a threat which sends out pulses that detect movement within a radius. In each sub-zone, players must weaken the Neoplasm with a stealthy takedown. If movement is detected, the Neoplasm will flee to the next sub-zone, making the next encounter increasingly difficult. To progress from sub-zone to sub-zone, players will have to restore power to a generator while facing an onslaught of Archæans. The crisis climaxes in the third sub-zone, where players must eliminate the Neoplasm for good and make it to the extraction point safely.

Alongside Eclipse – Rainbow Six Operator Echo joins the REACT Team today. Known for his efficiency in gathering intel, Echo will be a valuable addition to the Rainbow Six Extraction roster both in Eclipse and the main game. Echo's Yokai drone transmits a video feed to him and can fire ultrasonic bursts that disorients all targets it hits. A new piece of REACT tech, the Aura Grenade, is also available for players to unlock. The Aura Grenade can be unlocked by completing the quest, 'Stealth Kill 50 Archæans,' and can be completed in any game mode. This new piece of REACT tech can lure Archæans and be remotely detonated to obliterate or stun enemies. It can also self-detonate after a set amount of time.

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