"Rainbow Six Siege" Pro League Season 10 – Semifinals

We're live in Tokoname, Japan for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 10 Finals, where eight teams are vying for the championship to close out 2019. Here are the complete results from the semifinals matches that took place today before we head into the finals.

"Rainbow Six Siege" Pro League Season 10 - Semifinals
Credit: Ubisoft

Semifinal Match #1: Aerowolf vs. DarkZero Esports

"Rainbow Six Siege" Pro League Season 10 - Semifinals

Map one took us to the Border with the teams banning Montagne, Thatcher, Mira, and Valkyrie. Both teams traded off defense wins to start us off with a 1-1 tie. They traded off wins again to go 2-2, but then DarkZero opened up some flaws in their defenses and took two victories in a row for the 4-2 lead. Aerowolf came back to make it 4-3, but DarkZero kicked them back down for another two wins to make it 6-3 for the match point. Aerowolf tried to make a large push, but go their legs cut from underneath them as they lost the round. DarkZero takes the 1-0 lead.

We made out way to Bank for map two as the teams banned Montagne, Hibana, Mira, and Clash. Much like the first game, the two felt each other out for the 1-1 tie to start. Another trade-off brought us to 2-2 before DZ took a timeout to regroup. The timeout worked in their favor as they stopped two rushes from Aerowolf and moved up 4-2. At this point, it felt like Aerowolf was trying some desperate maneuvers that just weren't going their way. They rallied for a defense win to make it 3-4, but then the server crashed in the next round and gave both teams a break in the action where DZ was about to take the match. After the repair, we came back to see DZ capitalize with two major wins, including a flawless round to go up 6-3 for match point. Aerowolf decided to rush on the final game and paid dearly for it as DZ mowed them down for the 7-3 win and the round sweep. DarkZero moves onto the Grand Finals while Aerowolf is knocked out.

Winner: DarkZero Esports (2-0)


Semifinal Match #2: Team Reciprocity vs. Natus Vincere

"Rainbow Six Siege" Pro League Season 10 - Semifinals

Map one took us to Consulate where the banned Nomad, Valkyrie, Capitão, and Maestro. NaVi wasted no time as they punched through Rec in short order. They took three rounds immediately for the 3-0 lead before Rec took a timeout. NaVi scored another before Rec finally got on the board, making it 1-4 in NaVi's favor. Rec responded in-kind with a run of three wins of their own in a chaotic fury to tie it up 4-4. Both teams traded off defense wins to bring it to 5-5, then Rec got a victory on a disabled defuser on the attack. One of the most difficult things to do in the game, especially in esports comps, sending Rec up 6-5 for match point. NaVi laid waste to Rec to tie it up on a bomb defuse to make it 6-6 and into extra rounds. NaVi went up 7-6 before we had another technical issue, followed by Rec tying it up in a near-flawless round to 7-7. The last fight saw NaVi give a good try but they failed to bring what they needed to cap the round and it cost them dearly as Rec took them out flawlessly for the 8-7 win as they went up 1-0 in the series.

For map two we venture to the Villa where they banned Nomad, Echo, Maverick, and Mira from the action. Rec started things off with an easy victory but then got dissected four rounds in a row as NaVi took a commanding 4-1 lead over them. Rec looked like they might be able to make a comeback, but got shut down hard not once but twice as NaVi took the 6-1 lead for game point. In the last match, it looked like Rec just threw it away to end the pain as NaVi took the last game to make it 7-1, tying it up 1-1.

The deciding map three took us to the Clubhouse as the players banned Maverick, Capitão, Mira, and Maestro. As has become the standard, both teams got an early win while testing each other for the 1-1 tie. Both pulled off some fantastic defense wins in order to tie it back up 2-2. NaVi was the first to break free with two close-call wins to make it 4-2 before Rec called a tactical timeout. Both traded defense victories after the timeout to make it 5-3 in very decisive wins. Another tide-off brought us to 6-4 in favor of NaVi for the game point. Rec came back with an intense win to make it 5-6, but it was all for naught as NaVi held out the final match with a defusal placement to take it 7-5. They head to the grand finals and dash an all North American championship round.

Winner: Natus Vincere (2-1)

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