Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off What's Coming For Year 7 – Season 4

Ubisoft revealed more of what's to come for players in the next few weeks in Rainbow Six Siege with a preview of Year 7 – Season 4. The season will be called Solar Raid and comes with a brand new Colombian operator on the defense side named Solis. She comes equipped with the SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor gadget that gathers intel to help you plan your coverage as it analyzes and identifies Attacker devices, including drones, breaching devices, cameras, and more. She can also use her gloves to interact with the gadget overlay and trigger a cluster scan. Beyond that, you can choose the P90 or an ITA 12L as a primary weapon and an SMG-11 as a secondary weapon. The update also comes with a new map, several changes to the season, ranked sessions, the Battle pass, your reputation score, and more. We have more details for a few of these items below along with today's livestream showing off what's to come. The season will officially launch on December 6th, 2022.

Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off What's Coming For Year 7 - Season 4
Credit: Ubisoft

"Alongside the new operator Solis, a brand-new map, Nighthaven Labs, arrives at season launch. Serving as an extension of Nighthaven's headquarters, the map's open sea, green cliffs and clear sky invites players to explore its immaculate architecture and technological marvels on display. The interior features many access points, allowing for free navigational flows, especially if players are ready to take down the many breakable walls. Both Attackers and Defenders will have to avoid getting too comfortable as they could easily be flanked and lose their position. Built for creative strategies, this R&D facility challenges players to take advantage of unusual opportunities like the runout hatch just outside Meeting Room. Nighthaven Labs will not be bannable during Operation Solar Raid to ensure players get to learn and play on the new map during the season."


"Solar Raid creates a new experience to the Rainbow Six Siege Ranked playlist. Firstly, players' Rank is no longer decided by their MMR, but by how many Rank Points they win or lose after every Ranked match. Each Rank now has five divisions, and each division requires 100 Rank Points to advance to the next. In addition, a new Rank, Emerald, has been added between Platinum and Diamond. Secondly, as MMR has been separated from players' Rank, it will be known as a new value: skill. Skill is a hidden value for all playlists and will carry over from season to season. There will be no more squad MMR restriction, and players can squad up with any of their friends. A new algorithm will adapt matchmaking despite varying skill levels among squad mates. Lastly, Ranked's reward system has been revamped: players will get one reward for every Rank division achieved throughout the season, and rewards will be granted at the end of each season."

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