Razer Partners With A Bathing Ape For A New Line Of Products

Razer revealed this morning that they've formed a new partnership with A Bathing Ape for a new line of branded gaming products. According to the announcement, the limited-edition collection will "celebrate gaming and the streetwear culture" by combining the signature BAPE CAMO print with Razer's triple-headed snake logo to give us "A Gaming Ape". The iconic Ape head will also be seen wearing one of Razer's Kraken headphones, as you can see from the image below. The brand new collection includes BAPE inspired designs of Razer gear that you can buy when these versions are released on December 4th. Some of the peripherals include the DeathAdder V2 mouse, Goliathus V2 mouse mat, and Opus wireless headset.

A look at the new BAPE/Razer logo for this set of gaming gear choices.
A look at the new BAPE/Razer logo for this set of gaming gear choices.

This collection is basically a new way for BAPE fans to show off their love for the brands with a totally new line of much-anticipated streetwear. This includes their sought after full-zip hoodie design that's practically seen everywhere as well as their backpacks. The collection is a first for both brands and is kinda cool to check out. However, looking over everything they have to offer, one wonders if it might be a little too niche for even the most hardcore of brand-loving gamers. Don't get us wrong, we got love and respect for both brands as they have carved out their own cornerstones in the market. It's what's made both of them so popular over the years. However, you're also dealing with two brands that haven't worked together and the crossover for some loyalists may not be what they're into on both sides. So it'll be interesting to see when the line goes live on December 4th how well it does and just who the audience is that ends up buying these products.


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