How My Family Became Obsessed With Adopt Me And Roblox

For about a year or so now we have allowed our daughter to play Roblox, the wildly popular community based gaming simulator. She specifically enjoys playing Royal High and a pet life simulator named Adopt Me. Parents with children, you more than likely know what I am talking about. Adopt Me is one of the most popular Roblox games, where you take ownership of pets like dogs and koala bears and even dragons and do mundane tasks like feed them and take them to school to make them age. It is like having a Tamagotchi only in 3D and more exciting. Well, our daughter wanted a rare pet in the game: a unicorn. She is obsessed with them, to the point where if you ask her what she is thinking about, she will respond with unicorns almost every time.

How My Family Became Obsessed With Adopt Me And Roblox
Roblox Adopt Me!

Roblox Is More Addicting Than We Thought

So we grabbed our iPads and phones as started earning ourselves Robux (the game currency) to purchase eggs we were tasked with hatching, all to help our daughter acquire her ultimate prize. It is actually hard to get, so we had to hatch a bunch of eggs. In one of them was a cute Fennec fox, which I named Fennec naturally. The Mrs. hatched a cute red panda that she liked having follow her around. I came to enjoy how relaxing and easy it was to complete all of the tasks needed throughout a game session, and slowly we actually grew to like our new pets as they hatched. I liked grabbing Fennec, hopping onto my motorcycle, and just cruising around. It felt nice to just turn our brains off for a little bit and get lost in it.

A few days into "just helping get a unicorn" the impossible happened: we got her one.  It was an amazing feeling. But then, we just…kept on playing. I have a family of Fennec's now, and we buy and hatch eggs and earn Robux throughout the day. I had to buy more iPad charge chords the other day. We get a family Fennec plush off Amazon that chills around the house.

How My Family Became Obsessed With Adopt Me And Roblox
Myself and Fennec

The genius of Roblox is that it is, well, easy. You do the same tasks over and over again, without stopping, every 5-7 minutes. It becomes really easy to get lost in the simpleness of it, while also obsessing over making sure your pets needs are met and customizing your home and such. The game is glitchy as hell, we constantly get dropped out of the game and such. It's easy for characters to become one with a pole or background and become stuck, or just randomly climbing and invisible ladder for no reason. But that is just part of the charm. No, for me it's something we do together as a family. We jump in and out during the day, earning bucks, and then at night we all sit and laugh at the glitches and how cute the pets and animations are, and we do it together. It has come to mean a lot to me. Which is not something I thought I would ever say about Roblox.

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