Razer Unveils The Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection

Razer has unveiled a brand new clothing line as part of their Go Green campaign, as we're getting the Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection. Aside from the green artwork that you see adorned on every piece of apparel, this all-new limited-edition streetwear capsule has been made from 100% recycled materials. What's more, that company is committing to fund the recovery of 1kg of marine plastics for every item sold in this collection, as they are working with several local organizations in Indonesia. It's a pretty cool effort on their part to continue their commitment to a greener planet through their own means while also getting their brand out to the public. You can read more about the collection below as it will go on sale on April 7th, 2021.

A look at the wave artwork found on all of the designs, courtesy of Razer.
A look at the wave artwork found on all of the designs, courtesy of Razer.

Each item in the range, which includes a hoodie, t-shirt, tank top, shorts and cap, is created using high-quality fabrics made from 100% recycled marine plastics. The fabrics are manufactured under a wider program to remove marine plastics from the seas and recycle them into useful products, which now includes Razer's stylish Kanagawa Wave Apparel. Approximately 11 million tons of plastics enter the oceans each year, severely endangering marine life and entering the food chain. To help reduce the problem further, proceeds from the Kanagawa Wave collection will go towards the recovery of marine plastics in some of the world's most affected areas of coastline and marine life. For every piece of item sold in this collection, Razer will fund the recovery of 1kg of marine plastics.

The Kanagawa Wave Apparel drop is the second of Razer's environmentally focused initiatives under the recently announced #GoGreenWithRazer banner, and follows on from the hugely successful and ongoing Conservation Program (a partnership seperate to this campaign) led by Razer's Sneki Snek mascot, which has surpassed its original target of saving 100,000 trees and is now aiming to save 1,000,000 trees. Through these and other upcoming initiatives and actions, Razer wants to engage and galvanize the community to help preserve nature and ensure the world remains an arena we can all continue to play in.

  • Kanagawa Wave Zip Hoodie: $149.99 USD / €159.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Tee: $89.99 USD / €99.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Tank Top: $69.99 USD / €79.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Shorts: $79.99 USD / €89.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Cap: $49.99 USD / €59.99

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