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Serial-killing, cannibalistic furries come to Image Comics courtesy of Plastic and Vinyl creators Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard who are teaming up with colourist Rico Renzi for their disturbing neon-horror, Plush This six-issue miniseries will launch from Image and put a spin on fursuit psychopaths this November. Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyar & Rico Renzi Launch Plush[...]
Razer Unveils The Kanagawa Wave Apparel Coolection
What's more, that company is committing to fund the recovery of 1kg of marine plastics for every item sold in this collection, as they are working with several local organizations in Indonesia It's a pretty cool effort on their part to continue their commitment to a greener planet through their own means while also getting[...]
Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard Move From Plastic To Vinyl, From Image
But did anyone expect to see it in comic book stores as well? Creators of the Image Comics series Plastic, Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard return to that theme with colourist Dave Stewart for a new dark comedy/horror titled, Vinyl The six-issue miniseries will launch from Image Comics this June. Doug Wagner & Daniel Hillyard Move[...]
[Op-Ed] Is Removing Plastic Packaging the End of Hasbro Collectibles?
Hasbro President and Chief Operating Officer John Frascotti made a statement that the company will be phasing out the use of plastic in is products by 2022 This will easily change the toys we love to collect The following is a exert from Hasbro President on the new changes: "We'll do it in a number of[...]