Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Grand Championship Results

We're live at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas for the second day of Red Bull Kumite as we see players battle in Street Fighter V. For the first part of the day the top 16 players competed in round-robin events to determine who would love onto the Top 8 and form the official bracket for the Grand Championship. Four of those players were eliminated, and now we have the results for you from the semifinals and the Grand Championship.

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Grand Championship Results
Credit: Gavin Sheehan

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Semifinal – NL vs. ChrisCCH

In the semifinals, the victory path increases by one as they play until someone gets four wins. Both players went to their standards as NL took in Cammy and Chris brought in Sakura. These two wasted no time going after each other and not playing the defense game. The two traded off close call victories before NL snuck in the win on the third round for the 1-0 lead. The two traded off wins again in the second set and kept the match pretty close all the way to the end where NL got his 2-0 win with a shred of health left. The third game played much like the previous two with both of them not wasting much time to attack and trading off wins, but again, NL took the victory in the third round to go up 3-0.

The fourth game was almost academic as NL took Chris for a ride and showed him just how good he is for the first win, but Chris rallied back for the second win to tie it up. Chris then scored the third victory to make it 1-3, preventing the clean sweep. Game five started off with NL squeezing out a victory after Chris tried to come back, but it was futile as NL finally put him down two in a row to eliminate Chris from the tournament with a 4-0 series and moved onto the Grand Finals.

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Semifinal – iDom vs. Problem X

For this round iDom went with Laura while Problem came in with Bison. Much like the previous match, these two did not hold back against each other, trading off victories until Problem took the third win to make it 1-0. There was no way iDom was going to let that stand as he came back with two fiery rounds that made short order of Problem and tied it up 1-1. Problem wasted little time coming back from that loss as he won two quick rounds of his own to take the 2-1 lead. Almost like it was answering a challenge, iDom returned the favor and won two quick again to tie it up 2-2.

The fifth match felt almost like a repeat of the same with several grabs from iDom to make quick work of Problem in the first win, which Problem traded back with a dominant second win. But Problem made it his mission to stay on top as he fended off a furious attack to win the match and go up 3-2. The sixth match saw both playing heavy defense as this was now make-or-break time for them both. Problem went up first with a hard-fought win, and while iDom and a valiant effort, Problem proved to be too much as he took the second win making it 4-2, moving onto the Grand Finals.

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Grand Championship – NL vs. Problem X

For the Grand Finals, the competition increases with the winner being the first to five wins. NL chose to go with Cammy while Problem X chose Alex. For the first game, NL scored the first decisive victory with little issue, but Problem rallied back for a last-minute victory trade-off. After some quick blows, NL scored the last victory to go up 1-0 at the start. For game two, Problem switched to E. Honda while NL stuck with Cammy. The change didn't do much for him as NL was able to fend off the heavy sumo, especially on the second victory as he cornered him for the 2-0 win. Game three saw another switch as Problem went to Bison with NL still rocking Cammy. The trade-off didn't help much, because while Problem was able to hang longer with Bison, NL still had his number as he took two more in a row to go up 3-0.

Game four saw the two trade-off victories in some close calls, but Problem was finally able to pull it together and claim a win to make it 1-3. Game five started off in epic style as Problem scored a Perfect K.O., but NL came back to tie it up. This lead to to a close match between the two for the thing which Problem snuck out to make it 2-3. Staying with their respective characters they headed into game six where Problem score the first win in a close finish, but NL fired back with a dominant victory to tie it up. the two were pretty even in the third game, but NL slammed a V-Trigger to make it a close call. However, Problem held out and got in some final shots to ti it up 3-3.

Game seven started with a hot crowd now rooting for this to go the distance. The two were evenly matched again with neither giving a decisive edge and only losing when cornered on the timer. Problem got the first victory with little time left on the clock, and while NL tried to put in a comeback, Problem shut him down for the second win to go up 4-3 with the lead for the first time in the match. Game eight saw NL fire back with some new starts after finding his groove a little, but it was too late as Problem was feeling it and went up another two straight to pull a reverse sweep to win 5-3 and become the champ!

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Grand Championship Results
Credit: Gavin Sheehan

Congratulations to Problem X for taking home the Red Bull Kumite 2021: Street Fighter V Grand Championship!

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