Remedy Entertainment Announces Alan Wake Remastered

Remedy Entertainment announced this morning they are releasing Alan Wake Remastered, being published by Epic Games. This is going to be the most complete version of the 2010 game you can get, which will include the primary game and the two expansions, The Signal and The Writer. All of which will be newly rendered with 4K visuals along with new commentary from creative director Sam Lake. The game will be released sometime this Fall for PC on the Epic Games Store, as well as on current and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, making this the first time the game is available on PlayStation. You can read a little bit more about it below, but Lake also released an open letter to fans about the game that you can check out here.

Remedy Entertainment Announces Alan Wake Remastered
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

In this award-winning cinematic action-thriller, troubled author Alan Wake embarks on a desperate search for his missing wife, Alice. Following her mysterious disappearance from the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, he begins to discover pages of a horror story he has supposedly written, but has no memory of. Wake is forced to question his sanity as, page by page, the horror story comes true before his eyes. A hostile supernatural presence is taking over everyone it finds, turning them against him. He has no choice but to confront the forces of darkness with the beam of his flashlight, a handgun and what remains of his shredded mind. His nightmare journey to find answers will take him into the terrifying depths of night. The tense, episodic story is packed with unexpected twists, heart-stopping cliff hangers, and intense bursts of combat where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness. The game's cutscenes, quirky cast of characters, and majestic Pacific Northwest vistas have been enhanced for a visual impact that matches its unnerving atmosphere.

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