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Return Alive Will Launch New Global Open Beta At Month's End

KOG is set to launch a new open beta for the game Return Alive, as the game will go global to really test it out.

Indie game developer and publisher KOG confirmed this week they will be launching a global open beta for their upcoming title Return Alive. During the beta test, players will have the option to choose from three distinct mercenary characters: Ned, Yuni, and Urth, all of whom you see below. Each character possesses unique skills and abilities that make them distinct to the gameplay. The team will also make two unique game modes available for testing as you can choose between Solo Deathmatch, a 5-minute deathmatch involving eight players, and Survival, an intense escape game with 14 players. The beta will launch on June 29th via Steam, which you can sign up for right now.

Return Alive
Credit: KOG

"Return Alive is a top-down survival multiplayer shooter with PVE and PVP elements where players compete with each other to acquire items in the battlefield. The main objective is to finish the mission, then escape the battlefield with the items. The items can be used to upgrade your mercenaries and craft unique weapons. Long ago, when the Great Catastrophe war covered most of the land with Dark Mist, the once brilliant human civilization collapsed, with only a few people who managed to survive in the safe zones. However, the survivors lack food, resources, and technology to survive. Their only hope for survival is to scavenge the Wasteland covered with Dark Mist."

"Dark Mist is a layer of toxic gas that causes respiratory failures and genetic mutation to all living beings. The Great Catastrophe caused Dark Mist to cover most of the land. Dark Mist is directly responsible for the fall of human civilization since it cannot be removed artificially or naturally with current technology. Wasteland is the term used to designate areas covered with Dark Mist that were left untouched since the Great Catastrophe. Although the Wasteland is covered by Dark Mist and is filled with many dangers, many mercenaries risk their lives to venture into the Wasteland to make a huge fortune or achieve their personal goal, as it holds many technologies and resources that can no longer be found outside. Deal with an emergency crisis or handle missions given from places other than the Mercenary Guild with one or more players. Get a high score to increase your rank and prove your skills. Achieve high ranks to receive better rewards."

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