This Review Smells Of Elderberries! We Review 'Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator'

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Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator has been out since October on PC, giving people the option to be down right scandalous with proper British accents. Already a hit indie title on the PC, Vile Monarch decided to take the game to new players by offering it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this week. Today we're going to check out the console version and see how it compares to the PC version.

credit//Vile Monarch
credit//Vile Monarch

For those who haven't played, the game is basically an old-school phonics game beefed up with better graphics and an awesome premise. You and another player/CPU take turns building sentences out of words and phases put in front of you. You use a combination of those words to insult each other and deal the heaviest blows to the other person's ego. It's like a fighting game, only when someone says "use your words," you actually do.

credit//Vile Monarch
credit//Vile Monarch

You take on one of several highly sophisticated British people to fling insults at the other player, some have strengths with specific words, others have weaknesses tied to certain phrases. You'll learn how to build and chain sentences together in order to great a truly great insult. Depending on how well you did, you'll deal a certain amount of damage to your opponent's status bar, causing them to become frazzled and their clothing untucked. Once you defeat an opponent, you'll move onto the next round, choosing who best to use in your pool of characters.


As far as the game goes, a lot of it is pretty straight-forward with little room to mess around. You can fumble sentences if you end up failing to complete a proper insult, causing you to lose status or fail to hit. You can sip some tea for an additional pair of phrases or words, but you only get so many sips of tea before you're out. The insults aren't very insulting to the modern tongue, but they still carry modern phrases and cultural references that anyone would get.


When it comes to being a proper port of the game, it serves the previous PC versions nicely. There are moments where you'll hit the wrong button on the controller and pick the wrong insult or finish your insult early, which really can't be helped once you lock in. Also, and this just may be from personal experience, but the console versions seems a hair or two tamer compared to the PC version.


Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator is a lovely game for those looking for something fun to do as a laugh. I recommend it more as a party game (even though it's two players) to take shots on whenever you fail to insult properly. The game itself is cheap, which is a nice bonus. The only real drawbacks are the controls and the fact that if you play long enough, you start to see the same combination of insults over and over. The game could use some free DLC to add in more words and phrases to use.

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