Righteous Hammer Games Announces Zor: Pilgrimage Of The Slorfs

Indie developer and publisher duo Righteous Hammer Games announced that Zor: Pilgrimage Of The Slorfs is coming this year. In what the team is calling a cross between The Dark Crystal meets Gloomhaven, this game will have you playing as a group of creatures called Slorfs who take on a journey tasked to them by a god. You'll have to utilize a few different gaming skills as they've loaded a few different genres into a turn-based tactical title, as you seek out the destiny of your group tasked from beyond the stars. The game has a demo available on Steam right now with an Early Access build set for later this Summer, and an eventual release later this year. You can read more about it below and check out the trailer.

Zor: Pilgrimage Of The Slorfs
Credit: Righteous Hammer Games

Embarking on a journey at the request of star god Zor, Slorfs must venture into the untamed wilderness in search of answers. Braving treacherous arenas (notice the seriously creepy plantlife) they'll need to use cards to move, attack and harvest. Mapping out effective routes through Zor's hex-based board is key to maximizing tactical-takedowns and resource gains, without sacrificing the Slorfs.

Zor takes the challenge up a notch by seamlessly combining survival and combat. During each turn players need to strategize based on enemies (those one-eyed Grimps are especially shifty), available resources and how much food and water the Slorfs have. Each move leaves the Slorfs a little bit weaker and if they run out of these resources or take too much damage, they'll die for good. The prize for effective planning, gathering and kills? Upgrading cards back at base camp.

When camping players can craft items, upgrade cards, and strategize for the next day. Cards can be upgraded to be more powerful or created from scratch using raw materials. Improve the Slorfs' quality of life with items like cozy fires, comfy bedding, practice targets, and more. But as with everything in Zor, players must choose wisely. The further the Slorfs venture in their journey, the bigger the challenge…

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