"Risk Of Rain 2" Receives Third PC Update With "Hidden Realms"

Gearbox Publishing just released a new update to Risk Of Rain 2, as the game enters a new set of circumstances with the Hidden Realms. The update has allowed players to unlock and assume control of a new Survivor, Acrid, a melee-range hybrid. The last of which uses powerful poisons to melt tanks quickly.You'll also get two new hidden realms, alternative layouts, more enemies, more loot, and some changes that the community suggested and they applied. We also know that Risk Of Rain 2 will be getting two more updates in 2020, even though it's still technically in Early Access. Hopefully one of these updates makes it fully released this coming year. For now, here's all of the additions in this update.

"Risk Of Rain 2" Receives Third PC Update With "Hidden Realms"
Credit: Gearbox Publishing

Acrid's infectious skills focuses melee-range hybrid combat mixed with strong damage over time abilities:

  • Passive: POISON – Certain attacks apply poison, dealing damage over time but cannot kill.

  • Primary Fire: VICIOUS WOUNDS – Maul an enemy, where every third hit does double damage.

  • Secondary Fire: NEUROTOXIN – Spit toxic bile at a range that damages and poisons enemies.

  • Utility: CAUSTIC LEAP – Leap into the air, dealing damage, stunning, and poisoning enemies on impact. Leaves a pool of acid that deals damage.

  • Special: EPIDEMIC – Release a deadly poison that deals damage and poisons enemies. The disease continually spreads to up to 20 targets.

New game features:

  • New Bosses and Monster – The Scavenger boss, Void Reaver monster, and an additional secret boss join the fight.

  • New Hidden Realms – Two new hidden realms can be discovered.

  • Alternative Layouts – The new Alternate Layouts system allows for some maps to have entirely new layouts, starting with Titanic Plains and Distant Roost.

  • New Items, Equipment, Lunars and more – An arsenal of new items and equipment is now at players' disposal. This includes two new Lunar items, Adaptive Chests, Overgrown 3D Printer, seven new items, and a new type of equipment called the Jade Elephant.

  • Community Suggested Changes – Quality-of-life improvements suggested by the community have been implemented.

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