Rocket Arena Kicks Off Season Two Starting Today

Electronic Arts and Final Strike Games have officially launched Season 2 of Rocket Arena today, adding a ton of content to the game. The update has added a new hero, limited-time events, challenges, rewards, and a new PvE mode. That's a ton of content for the game, being thrown into the mix for free, as it will radically change the way you approach different aspects and modes. Obviously, the biggest addition to the game is Leef, a new character that will have a lot of people scratching their heads as they see the furry rident hero jump into the mix along with his tiny sidekick Flitt. You can read the full details of what is in Season Two here, as we have the shorthand list of everything that's been added below before you start playing.

A look at Leef as he enters Rocket Arena today, courtesy of Electronic Arts.
A look at Leef as he enters Rocket Arena today, courtesy of Electronic Arts.
  • A New Playable Character

    • Leef, an elfin critter rumored to be from Crater's fabled Realm of the Ancients, conquers the competition with the use of magic and his tiny wingman Flitt

  • Play vs AI Playlist:

    • New bot types Jayto, Blastbeard, Amphora and Izell join in as AI

    • Added PvE mode, Bot Knockout, where Competitor bots can participate as either teammates or opponents and Bot Heroes join in if matchmaking is unavailable

  • Extended Character Progression

    • The max character level has been raised to 125, and each character will redeem an emerald gemstone outfit once this milestone has been reached

  • Daily and Weekly Challenges

    • Increased to three daily and three weekly challenges

  • Gameplay Changes

    • The Dodge ability has been enhanced, allowing for omnidirectional movement

    • Balance changes to Flux, Jayto and Mysteen

    • Coins give a speed boost in Treasure Hunt

  • Season 2 Blast Pass

    • All players will receive Forest Flow Leaf and will immediately unlock Dr. Beardson, Getaway Driver Rev and the Missing! Flyers Megablast VFX Trail upon purchase

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