Roguelite VR Shooter Space Shells Arrives In December

ABE Entertainment Limited and developer Mobirate have announced their VR roguelite shooter called Space Shells will be out in December. The game has technically been out for a while as people have been able to check it out in Early Access on Steam, but the official release date has now been set for December 6th, 2022. What's more, you'll be able to get it on multiple platforms as it will be on Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. We got the latest trailer for you down at the bottom.

Roguelite VR Shooter Space Shells Arrives In December
Credit: ABE Entertainment Limited

"Space Shells is a rogue-lite sci-fi VR game with stunning graphics where you have to break into spaceships and make clever use of your shells to complete the tasks. Each life is a new character, mission and location of enemies in spaceships, as you are able to choose the difficulty of a mission from trivially to nightmarishly hard. Every mission gets you closer to unlocking new weapons and shells to play. Crush your enemies to pieces with an arsenal of weapons or your bare fists, and upgrade your weapons and shells to make your character much more dangerous and stronger. If you blow up some modules of a ship with grenades, fuel barrels or random shoot you will start a new life from the beginning."

"Maneuver among the enemy's endless fleet of intergalactic ships as an experienced mercenary taking on dangerous missions in an attempt to liberate the galaxy. Suit up in high-tech shells, robotic bodies designed with distinct combat abilities, then expertly sweep the steel-clad passageways of each spacecraft on high alert. Peak around corners and down corridors, unleashing a deadly spray of gunfire into the metal frames of hostile droids, drones and turrets. Dismantle corrupt powers commanding the helm by launching grenades into century points and executing finishing blows to combatants' fragile motherboards. Treacherous missions are bound to end in defeat on occasion, but death is not on the table for this terminator. Respawn endlessly to start the fight again, upgrading weapons and shells to progress through the game."

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