RPG Prison Title Back To The Dawn Will Release In 2023

Indie developer and publisher Metal Head Games have announced their next game, Back To The Dawn, will be coming out sometime next year. This game is a prison-centric RPG title in which the inmates and the guards are all animals in a literal dog-eat-dog system. The story will have you playing a character named Thomas who has just 21 days to uncover the truth behind his imprisonment and prove his innocence or be sentenced to life behind bars. The game has launched a free demo on Steam today for you to try out in the meantime so you get an idea of the kind of game they're working on.

RPG Prison Title Back To The Dawn Will Release In 2023
Credit: Metal Head Games

Back to the Dawn is full of choices, each of which has long-term consequences on the gameplay and story. Will players have Thomas choose to follow the prison rules and avoid the wrath of the prison guards or cause chaos and conflict at every turn in their quest to assert their dominance as the top fox? Joining players in the prison yard is an entire cast of NPC prisoners, all with their own story,  and role to play within the game. Each of these characters will build unique relationships with the player based on how they interact with them, which will determine the role they play in the escape.

Safety may also be sought in numbers through joining one of three prison gangs, as well as befriending other prisoners to assist in the prison break. Going alone, or working as part of a team, the player will have multiple options to consider when planning their escape route. Tunnelling their way out or bribing the guards, the possibilities for freedom are only limited by the player's imagination, as well as their knowledge of the inner workings of the prison itself. Each of the four skill trees – Combat, Creativity, Wisdom and Knowledge – can be upgraded during the story, allowing players to get creative with their character build and mould the style to their liking.

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