Schneider Electric Reveals Uninterruptible Power Supply For Gamers

Schneider Electric revealed this week they have made a new Uninterruptible Power Supply system designed specifically for gamers. The new product is called the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS, and features sine wave technology that will safely and efficiently power-sensitive, high-end electronics. Each one comes with an easy-to-read interface that you should be able to view at a glance, which is highlighted with a customizable LED panel. These are designed int he casing in both black and white, while the tech is designed to work with whatever you need whether you be a PC or console user. We don't have an official release date yet, only that they will roll out sometime in October 2020 to gear up for the holiday season. We have a little more info for you below from the announcement, as well as a video and some images to check out.

A look at the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS, courtesy of Schneider Electric.
A look at the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS, courtesy of Schneider Electric.

"Gamers seek to be the best, and they deserve the best protection for their equipment. That's why we're so excited to provide these hard-working, hard-playing gamers with the peace of mind that their consoles or gaming PCs will be safe, even during a power blackout," said Christian Enriquez, Global Product Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric. "APC by Schneider Electric, the worldwide leader in power protection for more than 30 years, has always been at the forefront of power protection technology, and is proud to introduce the very first UPS designed from the very beginning for gamers. We are excited to bring first-class power protection to the gaming arena and look forward to being a strong support class for gamers everywhere."

As gamers invest more in their equipment and spend more time winning games, protecting both is critical. Gamers are protected with Sine wave battery backup power and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) that delivers the smoother electrical current required by sensitive electronics protecting against power irregularities and resulting glitches during an outage. Adding the APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming UPS to their systems allows gamers to be confident they will remain:

  • Protected: A gaming battery backup protects your valuable gaming system from more than seven different types of power interruptions.
  • Connected: After shutting down a game, the system continues to provide power to a router and/or modem.
  • In the Game: If the power is interrupted or lost during play, backup power allows gamers to finish a match and reap the rewards that have otherwise been lost.

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