Secretlab Reveals New Skins For Their Gaming Chairs

Secretlab revealed a new addition to their Titan EVO 2022 gaming chair as they have introduced Skins to the mix. The company has created a line of attachable skins for your chair so that in case you can't get the etched-in look you want from a model that's sold out, you can get it in a variation design to be put over the standard model of the chair. As you can see from the image below, they some in various designs that will give you various options, depending on the kind of geek that you are. We have more info below from the team as they are now live.

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Credit: Secretlab

"Leveraging the unique knit structure of our SoftWeave Plus fabric which gives our designers full control over every thread and pixel that goes into each SKINS, we've created the perfect blend of stretch and durability that enables each unique design. Precision mapped to envelop the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 chair with a patent-pending fitting system, the Secretlab SKINS is engineered for an edge-to-edge fit so seamless that you'll forget it's even on. Apart from being invisible to the unsuspecting eye, the precise fit also means that there is no excess material that stands in the way of the chair's ergonomic performance. Every ergonomic curve remains as pronounced as ever, from the L-ADAPT lumbar support system to the pebble seat base and side wings intentionally designed to support you as you sit throughout the day."

"Beyond pure cosmetic enhancements, some of the best in-game skins even boost stats for an added tangible buff — the same applies for the Secretlab SKINS. Inheriting the plush comfort of the Secretlab SoftWeave Plus fabric, the SKINS gives an additional layer of cushioned support, while still keeping your seat breathable as ever. With its precise fit, SKINS are practically invisible, yet offer all-around coverage and protection from daily wear and tear for your gaming chair. Be it accidental spills or just regular maintenance for a quick freshening up, simply remove the sleeves and run them through a regular wash cycle to keep them as fresh and clean as Day 1."

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