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Secretlab Reveals Their 2022 Series Of Gaming Chairs
Secretlab announced today their new line of gaming chairs coming this year, as they have fully revealed their 2022 line of products As you can see from the promo poster below, the company is introducing two new designs into their Titan and Omega lines, the first being the Neo Hybrid Leatherette, while the other being[...]
Secretlab & Warner Bros. Present An Iron Throne Gaming Chair
Secretlab announced this week they've partnered with Warner Bros again to release a Game Of Thrones gaming chair for the Iron Throne The two companies have had a pretty good run together making chairs for DC Comics characters, Mortal Kombat, and previous Game Of Thrones editions This black and gray version pays homage to the[...]
Secretlab Launches The New Magnus Metal Desk
Secretlab dropped a new product reveal this week as they are branching out their brand with the new Magnus Metal Desk This is going to be a must-own for a lot of gamers as it is essentially a simplified gaming desk with a lot of little tricks to it that we've seen in other designs[...]
Secretlab Releases A New Mortal Kombat Themed Gaming Chair
Now you can scream "Get Over Here!" in style as Secretlab revealed a brand new Mortal Kombat themed gaming chair today As you might suspect, the chair is being released in time for the new film, decked out in the traditional logo from the video game franchise along with a special skull design and the[...]
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Secretlab revealed this week they have partnered up with AAPE for a new line of designs for their line of gaming chairs As you can see from the image here, the two have worked together to bring three unique camo designs, one in the standard green while the other two are in red and blue[...]
Secretlab Will Be Restocking Their Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chairs
Secretlab revealed today that they will be restocking their highly popular Cyberpunk 2077 model for their line of gaming chairs Ever since these chairs were shown off earlier this year, they have been in high demand Insane amounts of high demand The first round of chairs was gone in an instant as people needed to[...]
Secretlab & Blizzard Reveal World Of Warcraft Gaming Chairs
Secretlab and Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new partnership today as they present two World Of Warcraft gaming chairs Being released to coincide with the upcoming release of the Shadowlands expansion, you can show your allegiance to the Alliance with a proud blue and gold design, or gleefully scream "for The Horde" with this black and[...]
Secretlab and Facepunch Studios announce the official Secretlab Rust Edition chair
This morning, Secretlab revealed they've formed a new partnership with Facepunch Studios to release an official Rust Gaming Chair As you can see here, they've designed the new look around both their 2020 models for the Titan and the Omega, complete with the rust coloring and the logo What's more, the two have also collaborated[...]
Secretlab Reveals A New Gaming Chair Partnership With Team England
Secretlab revealed a brand new partnership today with Team England as they are making a Three Lions Gaming Chair The company has formed partnerships with teams before, but the majority of them have been esports teams This is the first of its kind in partnership with The Football Association in the UK to make a[...]
Secretlab Partners With DC Comics For A Joker Gaming Chair
and Secretlab as they are releasing a new gaming chair focused on the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker! The company previously worked with them before to produce a Batman chair with the current bat logo across it as their "Dark Knight" edition, as if you were sitting in Wayne's personal chair in the cave[...]
Secretlab & Riot Games Partner On League Of Legends Gaming Chairs
Secretlab dropped a fun surprise today as they revealed a new partnership with Riot Games to make a line of League Of Legends gaming chairs As you can see here, there will be four specific designs to appeal to a lot of LoL players There will be the Akali Edition, the Ahri Edition, the Yasuo[...]
Secretlab Unveils Their New Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chair
Secretlab has unveiled their latest chair design in partnership with CD Projekt Red as we are getting a Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chair This one, according to their info, was designed for precise, ergonomic support and lasting comfort, keeping in line with their previous designs It incorporates all the engineering and tech of their Secretlab 2020[...]
LEC Announces Secretlab As The Official Chair Partner
League Of Legends and Secretlab announced the gaming chair company has partnered up to be the official chair of the LEC and the European Masters Like a lot of partnerships in this style, this means you're going to see Secretlab chairs in the background being used by the players as they compete this summer in[...]
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The folks at Secretlab have collaborated with Warner Bros again to make another awesome gaming chair, this one featuring Birds Of Prey Following up from the Dark Knight Edition, this one is a cream color base with gold diamond-motif leatherette on the backrest accents Which also sites on the insides of the seatbase You can[...]
Secretlab Launches New Collaboration With Esports Team OG
This morning, Secretlab announced a brand new collaboration for a gaming chair, this time with two-time Dota 2 The International champs OG As you can see below, the "Dream OG" chair comes with the team's official logo and branding, not to mention their team colors Plus, as an added bonus, the right shoulder has two[...]