Skyrim Composer Didn't Know About Upcoming Concert And Warns People To Be Wary Of It


I wrote about a Skyrim concert the other day which is coming to London. I'm pretty excited about it since that music is so dense, it will be a real treat to see it played live. However, I was surprised to not see composer Jeremy Soule anywhere in the programme.

Well, it turns out he was pretty surprised too. It seems no one asked him for his involvement, and that this could hurt the actual musical arrangments. Soule distanced himself from the concert, saying that the music will be 'transcribed' rather than using the original sheet music.

In a Facebook post, he said:

Concert? What concert??? Anyone that knows me also knows that I care passionately about the integrity of my music. Skyrim took years for me to compose and it was constructed very carefully. Today, I'm seeing reports of a concert of "Skyrim". This is the first I've heard of it. For the record, this concert has nothing to do with me, nor are they are using any of my original scores. They had to transcribe whatever notation they are performing by ear from the recordings. This is a flawed process as transcriptions are always fraught with errors. To be sure, I don't know who these people are and I don't endorse a concert that is trading on my name and music that has absolutely no oversight or involvement on my part. For my fans, I just want you to know what you're getting if you pay to attend this concert. Be wary.

It's a shame that Soule, who's music is so important to the Skyrim texture, has been kept out of the loop here. I am sure the concert will still be pretty good, but it now has a tinge of wrong doing behind it, which is no good.

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