SNL Examines The Dark Side Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You know a game has taken over the world when you see it on SNL, such is the case with Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Its no secret everyone is playing Animal Crossing, especially with a good chunk of the world still under some sort of quarantine measure and not much else to do except farm turnips. A lot of people have taken to making their island as perfect as they can so that the people who come and visit them have a good time and are able to do a lot of stuff. Even if it is picking up old DIY recipes they already have off the ground like they're part of trash pickup. This includes getting to know all the animals who move in on the island and helping define their personalities a bit by talking to them. But sometimes, that doesn't always go as planned.

"Has Dom ever said 'You will always be alone' to you?" Courtesy of SNL.
"Has Dom ever said 'You will always be alone' to you?" Courtesy of SNL.

SNL may have ended their season on TV, but it's not stopping them from making more content online. yesterday the show released a new digital exclusive as cast members Melissa Villaseñor and Mikey Day FaceTime each other while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's a short video and we won't give away any spoilers for you so you can watch it in full. But it appears Melissa's island isn't exactly the friendliest place you can travel to. It's a funny skit that anyone playing the game will dig. If SNL keeps doing these, it would be the perfect solution to having more content over the summer that doesn't require the cast to go into the studio but will also keep us occupied as fans seeing as how we got cheated out of a full season this year. Enjoy the video!

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