Someone Made A Board Game Based On 1997's Titanic

One of the weirder things to come across our desk this week was the news that someone made a board game based on Titanic. Yes, the 1997 James Cameron film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It was a shock to us to see something like this come across our desk, especially since there had been so many other products made around the fi;m, we naturally assumed this had already been made. But in looking things up, all other Titanic-based games revolve around the real-world incident (which is kinda gruesome when you think about it). So this is a first as Spin Master Games has released this version as you play as the main characters of the film trying to get off the ship as its sinking. Here's the official description.

Play a game with me like you do with your French girls, Jack. Courtesy of Spin Master Games.
Play a game with me like you do with your French girls, Jack. Courtesy of Spin Master Games.

Holy ship…we're sinking! Get ready for some serious nostalgia as you play Jack, Rose, Cal, Ruth or the Captain in the game of Titanic. Your strategic decisions determine whether you sink or float, as you make life or death decisions at every turn! It's up to you to save as many passengers as possible from the sinking ship over the course of nine rounds by gathering life rafts and supplies. Getting on a lifeboat won't win you the game, however. Just like in the movie, you'll have to be heroic to come out on top!

The game is for 2-5 players and comes with 1 Titanic Board, 72 Cards, 54 Wood Mini Meeples, 40 Action Cubes, 5 Plastic Standees, 1 Dry Erase Marker, 4 Dry Erase Punch Sheets, and 4 Punch Sheets. So a lot of things going on at once that it appears you'll need to plan and keep track of. We haven't played it yet, but if you'd like to give it a spin, you can buy it now for $25 at Walmart and Target.

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