Square Enix Give Away Final Fantasy VII Remake's Status with Job Listing

In case you'd like to know the progress of Square Enix's efforts on the Final Fantasy VII remake, we got good news for you, they basically gave away some of the details in an unlikely spot. A few keen-eyed people caught this job listing for a Level Planner as a full-time contracted gig at the company, specifically focused on the game, with a few notable pieces of info in the job description, which we've posted below from translation.

Square Enix Give Away Final Fantasy VII Remake's Status with Job Listing
credit//Square Enix

FF VII REMAKE has all functions and contents implemented. We are constantly examining the program within the development team, but while it is satisfying to say that the original is reproduced with high quality graphics, it is a step further to the quality that can meet the expectations of fans. We have reached the conclusion that we should aim for. So we will work on the creation of this big title by setting up core members of various professions such as level planner, battle planner, designer, engineer, including existing members in the production of FF VII REMAKE.

The short version: Like all remakes, the primary game is intact and has been enhanced, but now they want bonus content that wasn't there before, so they're hiring new people to add new stuff. Whether that will be a part of the final game or some form of DLC is too early to tell, but the bottom line is that we now know the primary work is finished on the original game. Feel free to apply if you feel like you can add more to the game.

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