Square Enix Releases a Teaser for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn

Square Enix Releases a Teaser for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn

Square Enix had to shelve most of their ambitious expansion plans for Final Fantasy XV, however the Episode Ardyn DLC is still going ahead. The company released a teaser trailer for the expansion, which is a bit confusing if you don't know the basics.

The DLC serves a dual purpose as the game's prologue, explaining the somewhat convoluted prophecy storyline that is the backbone of the Final Fantasy XV campaign, while also giving players the opportunity to take control of their favorite garbage human.

Spoiler Alert for a 2.5 year old game: Ardyn Izunia is a bad dude, loves scarves, and was once the Chosen King of Lucis like Noctis, except he decided to do things his own way and instead ended up becoming a collective of daemons because he pissed off Bahamut. Ardyn's story is all about the futility of self determination in a world ruled by divine authority, but he's far more interesting as a game character than FFXV's broody emo protagonist. However, his narrative runs contrary to the point of open world RPGs which are all about player choice. That was the key frustration players had with the game's original Chapter 13.

So, this episode will need to be very careful about how it strips Ardyn's choices from him without violating player trust.

You can check out the teaser for Episode Ardyn below.

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