Square Enix Reveals Technomancer Class For Outriders

Square Enix made a new reveal this week for their upcoming game Outriders as they showed off the new Technomancer class. Along with developer People Can Fly, this will be the fifth and final class added to the main games, and with it comes some interesting possibilities. The Technomancer has the ability to utilize weaponry that other classes wouldn't necessarily get their hands on as stand-alone weapons. This includes a short-range turret that can take care of baddies at close ranges, as well as a longer-range rocket launcher that can get to people just outside the bubble. They also have the ability to do a short-ranged enhanced ability from one of the other classes, such as a psychic wall or a quick freeze effect, that can aid in their attacks or give a quick boost to a teammate having a rough time with someone.

A look at the Technomancer class in action, courtesy of Square Enix.
A look at the Technomancer class in action, courtesy of Square Enix.

We had a chance to preview the class with the devs in a private demo a week ago and trying it out was really awesome. The character works well alone, but they are not an unstoppable force. They're somewhere between a support class and a DPS shooter. I personally had a lot of fun messing around with a sniper rifle I was able to obtain and worked out the mechanics from the class at long-range. We have a quote here from the team as they put together an eight-minute video showing off the class in full.

"The Techomancer is an exciting and flexible class that can be built as anything from crowd control focused support, to a high-powered artillery heavy damage dealer. They're a great addition to any team of Outriders," said Bartek Kmita, Creative Director at People Can Fly. "Co-op in Outriders is an intense and challenging experience that allows for a great variety of team synergies and power combinations. Players will need to truly master their team tactics in order to take on the toughest challenges in the game."

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