Square Enix Shows Off A New Outriders Gameplay Video

This morning, Square Enix treated players to a brand new video for their upcoming game Outriders, showing off more gameplay Along with developer People Can Fly, this first video shows off a demo for the first major city you explore on the new planet As you may recall from our report back in February, you're[...]

Square Enix Will Hold An Outriders Live Stream On May 28th

Square Enix announced this morning that they will be doing a live stream showing off more from their upcoming game Outriders Like a lot of games that are now setting up special events, this is one we expected to see and hear more about when E3 2020 rolled around But with COVID-19 canceling almost every[...]

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Square Enix Reveals Their PAX East 2020 Lineup

Third, and a little out of the blue since we assumed it would be saved for E3 2020, the company is bringing Outriders for everyone to try out Which won't even be released until the holidays, so you're getting to see it nine months ahead of time Here's what else Square Enix has planned for[...]

We Tried Out "Outriders" From Square Enix & People Can Fly

Earlier this month, Square Enix gave us a chance to go try out their next game on the way from People Can Fly called Outriders The devs took the time to introduce us to the game and allowed us to play a little bit of it The storyline for the game is that humanity finally[...]

"Outriders" is Coming From Square Enix in 2020 (E3 News)

"Outriders" is Coming From Square Enix in 2020 (E3 News)

If you like your science fiction on the dark and gritty side, Outriders from Square Enix looks like it's going to be right up your alley! As Mankind bleeds out on the planet of Enoch, the Outriders track a mysterious signal in this E3 2019 Official Announcement Trailer Outriders is a 1-3 player, drop-in-drop-out, co-op shooter,[...]

Possible SPOILERS- Five 'Avengers: Endgame' LEGO Set Pictures

Five LEGO sets tied to the film's release have official photos, and there are certainly things we can learn about the film from them.This is your warning: if you don't want to see them, or if you want to look but want to walk into that theater on April 26th a complete blank slate, turn[...]

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Black Panther Nendoroid From Infinity War Up For Order Now

Shipping in September, T'Challa will come with full articulation, a maskless head with two interchangeable faceplates, interchangeable hands, slashing effects, a Wakanda base, a horde of Outriders, a flying mini War Machine, and more He will run you $82.99 and can be preordered right now.Check out pics and full details below![gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="1002879,1002881"]The next[...]

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Square Enix Files a Trademark for the Term "Outriders" in Europe

According to the European Union Intelectual Property Office (EUIPO), the company filed for a trademark on May 18th for the term "Outriders" You can read the official listing here if you enjoy reading government paperwork, but the primary focus is that it covers two specific areas (articles 9 and 41) under Goods and Services.Computer game[...]