Square Enix Reveals The Outriders Campaign Structure

Square Enix and People Can Fly took a moment today to go more in-depth about the campaign structure for their upcoming title Outriders. If you haven't checked the game out yet, it basically has a lot of dark sci-fi going for it as you're on a planet that's basically become a hell-hole for what's left […]

Square Enix Shows Off A New Outriders Gameplay Video

This morning, Square Enix treated players to a brand new video for their upcoming game Outriders, showing off more gameplay. Along with developer People Can Fly, this first video shows off a demo for the first major city you explore on the new planet. As you may recall from our report back in February, you're […]

Square Enix Will Hold An Outriders Live Stream On May 28th

Square Enix announced this morning that they will be doing a live stream showing off more from their upcoming game Outriders. Like a lot of games that are now setting up special events, this is one we expected to see and hear more about when E3 2020 rolled around. But with COVID-19 canceling almost every […]

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Square Enix Reveals Their PAX East 2020 Lineup

Square Enix has revealed what they'll be bringing to the dance this week at PAX East, and what they have in store is kind of surprising. First, what caught us off guard is that there isn't a lot here. Which is surprising for SE. However, what they are bringing is pretty big. As always, Final […]

We Tried Out "Outriders" From Square Enix & People Can Fly

Earlier this month, Square Enix gave us a chance to go try out their next game on the way from People Can Fly called Outriders. The devs took the time to introduce us to the game and allowed us to play a little bit of it. The storyline for the game is that humanity finally […]