People Can Fly

Square Enix Shows Off A New Outriders Gameplay Video

Along with developer People Can Fly, this first video shows off a demo for the first major city you explore on the new planet As you may recall from our report back in February, you're part of a colony of people from Earth trying to find a new place to live You come across a[...]

We Tried Out "Outriders" From Square Enix & People Can Fly

Earlier this month, Square Enix gave us a chance to go try out their next game on the way from People Can Fly called Outriders The devs took the time to introduce us to the game and allowed us to play a little bit of it The storyline for the game is that humanity finally[...]

Square Enix Has Partnered With People Can Fly On A New Project

Since People Can Fly has worked exclusively on third-person shooters so far, guessing that this new project is a shooter is kind of an easy guess So this could be Square's new Of course, there is Square's“We’re massively excited to be working with the talented team at PCF in Warsaw, a studio filled with people[...]

Get Ready For Mayhem In The Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Launch Trailer

Today marks the launch of the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition which is a remaster of the original 2011 game updated to include 4k graphics.In preparation for the game's launch, People Can Fly and Gearbox Publishing put out a chaotic launch trailer that should tell you everything you need to know about this game.If you liked the original[...]