Star Ocean: The Divine Force Launches Free Demo

Square Enix has launched a brand new free demo for Star Ocean: The Divine Force prior to the game's launch in October. The primary focus behind the demo is to give players a look at the game in a very specific light, as you will experience the beginning story of Raymond. This particular venture will offer up a unique opportunity to sample the game and see what the developers are doing within the expansive sci-fi fantasy world they are building on from previous entries. You'll also get a little taste of exploration paired with fast-paced action combat, and enough of the storyline to possibly intrigue you into buying it. The demo will be available in the game all the way until it is released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on October 27th, 2022.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Launches Free Demo
Credit: Square Enix

Showcasing a diverse cast of playable characters, Star Ocean: The Divine Force will tell a gripping story that seamlessly melds science fiction and fantasy elements and can be enjoyed by newcomers to the series and veterans alike. The game features dual protagonists, which offer different story perspectives and gameplay experiences: Raymond, the captain of the space trading ship, Ydas, and Laeticia, the princess-knight of a kingdom on an underdeveloped planet. Fate will bring Raymond, Laeticia, and several other ally characters together, all designed by renowned artist Akiman (Star Ocean: Integrity and FaithlessnessStreet Fighter).

Featuring a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, this fresh Action RPG has challenging yet thrilling battle experiences, with high-speed movement in 360-degree! Meet Raymond as he crashes onto an unfamiliar planet from his spaceship and is immediately attacked by some unfriendly local wildlife. Coming to his rescue is Laeticia, the crown princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius. Together, those two protagonists will challenge the fate of the Kingdom and their choices will have repercussions all over the galaxies…

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