Starting Today You Will be Able to Choose Your Overwatch Skins Before a Match

Blizzard has announced that starting today, coming alongside the Year of the Dog event the game is putting on, players will be able to switch skins at will at the start of a match in Overwatch.


While Overwatch players like myself will say they continue to play the game to get better, their lying. They might say they are trying to grind out their SR, improve their mechanical skill with a hero or work on cohesion with their regular team. That is all a lie, as every player deep down knows the most important part of the experience is the fashion. What skins you are rocking is everything.

That's why this new functionality is looking real interesting. It's a small cosmetic change but one I know some people will go crazy for. Essentially, during the 'Assemble Heroes' phase in the game, there is a drop-down menu where you will be able to select a skin you own, meaning you are no longer locked into the one you choose on the main menu. Again, it's a small change, but one I could see people going crazy for. You can see it in action in this tweet.

The game is, of course, getting its Year of the Dog event today too. This will see a whole batch of new skins coming to the game, which I suppose you will now be able to switch between on the fly. It's crazy how jazzed you can get about such small changes.

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