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Stellaris Nexus To Arrive In Early Access On December 5

Paradox Interactive are preparing to release Stellaris Nexus next month, as the game will be put into Early Access on December 5.

Article Summary

  • Stellaris Nexus hits Steam Early Access on Dec 5, offering a fast-paced 4X strategy experience.
  • Play a full multiplayer game in under an hour set in the expansive Stellaris universe.
  • Engage in social strategy with up to 5 friends or online players, featuring diplomacy and combat.
  • Choose from unique factions/leaders, navigate alliances, and vie for control of the Throneworld.

Paradox Interactive and Whatboy Games revealed their next release, Stellaris Nexus, will be coming to Steam as it hits Early Access on December 5. The game will have you and a group of other players competing against each other in a simultaneous turn-based multiplayer 4X within the Stellaris universe. All of you will compete against each other at the same time as you plan, plot, and battle across space to see who can dominate the galaxy in under an hour. We have the dev notes for you below and the latest trailer as we now wait for the game to come out next week.

Stellaris Nexus To Arrive In Early Access On December 5
Credit: Paradox Interactive

"Stellaris Nexus is a turn-based 4X social strategy game set in the Stellaris universe, developed by Whatboy Games and published under Paradox Arc. Designed to be completed in about 60 minutes, Stellaris Nexus allows players to expand their reach across the stars, developing new technologies and building immense starfleets. Explore ancient anomalies, forge fragile alliances, and conquer the galaxy with friends."

  • Hour of Power – Time is a valuable currency in our everyday lives and we all know how much time a really good 4X game can take to complete. Stellaris Nexus is a multiplayer turn-based 4X clash for galactic dominance, played from start to finish in about an hour!
  • Social Strategy – Choose from unique factions and leaders and play with up to 5 friends in turn-based multiplayer, or brave the Nexus online against strangers through skill-based matchmaking. Form unlikely alliances, execute bitter betrayals, or quietly plot from the shadows to take the victory!
  • Race to Nexus – Starting from the safe haven of your homeworld, rapidly expand your reach across the galaxy to explore and occupy new systems to eventually take control of the galactic Throneworld: NEXUS!
  • Diplomacy – Military conflict and diplomatic dealings are available to you as you expand and explore, but so is the power struggle that plays out in the Galactic Council. Rival empires exert their influence to cast votes in favor of new titles and resolutions that empower their faction or advance their immediate strategic objectives.
  • Unique Factions and Leaders – Whether you're a roleplayer that wants to immerse in the universe of Stellaris, or you're a 'by-the-numbers' strategist, 'select from factions and leaders that alter how you approach each match that you play, offering a range of playstyles and ways to gain the upper-hand over your opponents.

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