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Games Done Quick Announces All-Women Event Called Fleet Fatales
Games done Quick will be doing something a little different this month for their next speedrunning event as they present Fleet Fatales Viewers will be getting a cool experience for this one as all of the players will be women who will be playing games as quickly as they can to benefit a charity This[...]
Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Scores a Record-Breaking Year
After a week of 24-hour speedrunning on classic video games with some of the best players in the world showing off their skills, the event concluded with a total of $3 million raised for Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières That total makes this event the biggest GDQ fundraiser to date Over that week,[...]
A Single Dark Souls 3 Speedrunner Now Holds Eight Different Records
Usually, speedrunners hold one or two different records in the game they're most proficient at. The way one person completes a game under a time limit can be totally different from another person's techniques. But when you hold multiple records for the same game, that's more than an accomplishment, that's outstanding.
Are You Still Speedrunning 'Wind Waker'? Someone Found A Trick That May Help
People have been speedrunning their favorite games for years, even when it's out of style Everyone else may be obsessed with Breath Of The Wild, but there are diehards constantly trying to get the world record in Link To The Past, Ocarina Of Time and even Skyward Sword (Though we're not entirely sure why on[...]